Lyric Tile Company – About Our Seashell Mosaics

Located on the coast of Down East Maine, Lyric Tile has an exclusive partnership with a factory in the Philippines to provide tiles and other items finished in seashell mosaics. Environmentally friendly, the mosaics are individually handcrafted from discarded shells originally harvested as a food source. With the exception of Coconut, which is a tree's fruit, the shells are from Indo-Pacific waters. None of the shells are among endangered species.

Each shell is cut, applied to a substrate, and polished – not coated – to reveal a shiny, jewel-like finish.

Our tiles, which have a ceramic or porcelain base, are suitable for installation in almost any indoor setting appropriate for marble, except underwater and
in high traffic areas. All the shells, with the exception of Blue Opal and Coconut, may be used in areas exposed to high humidity or wetness (non-steam shower enclosures or bath tub surrounds, for example), provided they and the adjacent grout joints are sealed with a penetrating sealer before and after grouting, and periodically maintained with sealer. We strongly recommend sealing in all applications. Like marble, the shell should be cleaned with a pH neutral product, not with one containing abrasives or acids.
Tiles are available in all the shells, in most patterns and shapes, in any square size up to 12" x 12" and any rectangular size from 1/2" wide to 12" long. They can be flat or beveled on one or more edges, and they can have one or more edges and ends finished in shell. With the exception of the Satin Series, all of the shells can be combined in our standard patterns or in a custom-design. In the Satin Series, we can combine two colors in the brick, diagonal, hexagon and stripe patterns.

In addition to tiles, Lyric offers custom-made items. Using wood, granite or aluminum, for example, we can finish a wide variety of shapes and sizes in shell. Among these custom-made items are electric switch covers, cabinet knobs, table and chest tops, mirror and fireplace surrounds, display cases,

and architectural columns.

Because a computer monitor or a photograph may not always represent the true colors, we encourage you to see actual samples of the shells. Even then, because the mosaics are individually crafted from natural materials, variations will occur within and between each piece of the same item. We believe that this is a part of the mosaics' unique quality and beauty.

Lyric sells wholesale only to selected tile and bath showrooms, not to the trade or retail.

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